Is a lack of money is holding you back in your personal growth? If so, then you have a good reason to take a deeper look at money and to think a bit about the essence of money.

At school, and through media we learn, that money is a piece of paper, or a number on your bank account statement. Independent of is format, we hear that money  represents a value derived in some way from the value of gold.

This was probably true, but a long time ago. But even so, chances are that gold did not morph into money because it was so valuable. It could well have been the other way round: gold became so valuable because it could store and transfer value, function as money.

But this raises a question: If the essence of money is neither gold, nor a symbol for gold or a promise to receive a certain amount of gold, what is money then?

I think about money as an expression of appreciation for someone's service or his contribution to the needs of a society. Money embodies such appreciation and adds a promise of reciprocity.

Accordingly, a lack of money means a lack of appreciation of your contribution to the wellbeing of others or society as a whole.

Such missing appreciation could have several reasons:

You neither use your talents and skills, nor do you care about contributing to the well-being of others. But I think, this is not you. With such an attitude, you would not make it on my contact list.

Maybe you do not appreciate yourself and your own contribution. In that case, how could you expect that others appreciate you and express that by giving you money? Here, the remedy is clear: start to appreciate yourself and communicate it.
It could also happen, that you contribute to others and society, but the powers that control the flow of money in your place do not like your contribution. Maybe, you try to facilitate some change, but the institutions and people controlling your society do not want that change. They will find a way to tweak the money flows and cut you off from easy income sources.
In this case, you contribute, but you are confined to a social position that allows you only activities with minor contributions, carrying little appreciation.
It is also possible, that you contribute in fact a lot, but you fail to communicate that and people do not recognize your contribution.  Therefore, you get only little appreciation and money does not flow easily your way.

If you are in one of those corners, what next? 

I suggest three steps to improve such a situation:

First, as always: Take an inventory. Write down, from where the money is coming in, and where it goes.

Then: Eliminate contra-productive expenses. Look for the value you get for the money you spend. If there is not enough value, stop spending for that purpose and keep the money.

And finally; Examine the sources of your money.  Ask, why there is so little appreciation for your contribution? Here are some suggestions how you can try to generate more appreciation and attract more money into your life:

Make your contribution visible
Ask for appreciation
Change what you are doing. Look for activities providing more appreciation and better income.

Build relationships with people who are willing to appreciate you and your contributions.
Toss people out of your life, who try to diminish you, keep you small, and exploit you.

Two centuries ago, the results of such an analysis and the resulting options could be depressing. The only solution was often to accept the situation or to make a huge leap of faith: You could embark on a ship to America, without any idea what America is about - but with the certainty to reach there without any relationships and penny-less.

Today, things are easier thanks to the internet. You can reach several billions of people aroud the world from your living room. It would be enough, if you find a few hundred or thousand who have use for your contribution, and who are willing to appreciate your contribution and reward it with money.

You can either sell your services directly, or you can look for remote work. Work as a virtual assistant for someone who knows the space and get in the mean time your feet wet. Learn something about this new world. You can also combine both approaches, selling your own stuff and working for someone else.

If you don't know, where and how to start: Google platforms like Fivrr, Upwork and Freelancer. Check also affiliate marketing networks out, like Clickbank and JVZOO. Look at Ebay.

Maybe, you can shoot some photos and sell them, edit audios or videos, translate texts or proofread them. Just do not limit your imagination. Believe in yourself! Look, what you can do, and then do it.

More importantly, look for people, who have done it. Check out, what they are doing, and copy them.

One person, who started out as a factory worker and makes now several hundred thousands of Dollars per year, is John Thornhill. He runs a webinar, where he shares his story and method. 

PS: A related problem that can hold back many people is a lack of time. Click here to find methods for creating more time for yourself.

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