Do you have enough time for yourself? Is your life so full of commitments and your to-do list long like the Nile River? If so, you must change that. Otherwise, happiness and joy will move somewhere else. Here is a very short video, sharing 3 steps to regain control.

3 Steps to Overcome Overwhelm, Lack of Time and Stress (3:36 min)

I want to to learn from your experiences and methods to decide, what you do and what you skip. Your insights are valuable to me. Therefore, I ask you two questions: How so you ensure, that you have the time yo need to take care of your own personal needs? And, is that a challenge for you? I will be very happy to see your comment. Please, share your thoughts and insights in the comments below.

You find some deeper thoughts concerning time for yourself in Episode 9 of our podcast Success and Inner Growth. You can listen here, or through all common podcast aggregators.

PS: If you are interested in a free tool to observe and guide your daily activities, you should check Simpleology out. It is It is powerful system, and I use it for more than a decade.

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