About Chavavo Publishing


Chavavo Publishing creates and publishes text, audio and video content. Our mission is to help people who do not fit into a corporate environment develop the skills needed for an independent and prosperous life.  Johannes Stockburger is the sole owner of the operation.

Johannes Stockburger

Chavavo Publishing started out in the  year 2002 to handle the needs of BestpriceTravel, which was an online travel agency specialized in facilitating business trips for small and medium businesses. We did the online marketing part for the travel agency.

After the travel agency closed, we took some time to reflect and to redefine the future of Chavavo Publishing.

Johannes Stockburger was always passionate about helping people to live up to their potential. And this is, what Chavavo Publishing does: We help our customers to create a  foundation for personal growth by developing their business, and to balance their life in a way, which lets the business support - not control - life.



Chavavo Publishing
Johannes Stockburger
H-Steinhäuser-Str. 18
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