Hi, we are creating the 2.0 version of the L.O.V.E Plan for Success and Inner Growth. You are welcome to participate in the product creation by participating in a pilot life course on zoom. It will take you for 5 weeks every day about 20 to 30 minutes. Watch the video below to find out more

(12:31 minutes)

The Course Structure

Week 1

Week one is about self observation. We observe our life from a neutral point. Then we evaluate our activities, separate the ones helpful and productive from the others just sucking our resources without results, or even holding us back.

We decide, what to change and go after the lowest hanging targets first. This way we free up space in our life, which we need for a positive change process.


In week two we think a bit about human life in general. We discuss the concepts of body, mind, and soul. We try to understand…

  • the concept of a human
  • the body
  • our mind’s contribution to our life
  • the role of our soul

We look in module 2 for ways to open the flow of energy and information between our body, mind and soul. Connecting all three will help us in fact getting a much better idea about the reason, why our soul has built our body and mind. From there we can identify the purpose of our personal life, find or refine our mission, and set the correct goals and targets for our life.

Week 3

Week three looks at our networks, our relationships with other people and society as a whole. We ask ourselves:

  • Why do we need a personal network after all?
  • How do I decide to whom to connect?
  • How to approach the people we have chosen and in fact let a relationship with them grow?
  • Is there a good method to close unwanted relationships, or to keep such relationships out of our life in the first place?

Week 4

We made space in our life for growth. Afterwards we found our mission and determined the right set of goals. Then, we have built a network that can support us in many different ways. After completing all tose steps, the time has come to act and bring our aspirations into reality.

To do so, we must focus our energy, make a plan and execute it with care and diligence. This is the domain of week 4

Week 5 (The Bonus Week of the L.O.V.E Plan for Success and Inner Growth)

After getting some success, or experiencing a positive change, many people tend to fall back into their old life. For example, many people are back in their old life situation only after a few years, after enjoying the luck of a big lottery win.

We tend to fall back, and we certainly must fall back into our old ways of life, if we fail to adapt our automations of thoughts and behaviors. We must change our rituals, routines and habits and integrate the insights and temporary changes responsible for our success into a new set of improved automations. Otherwise, we will fall back inevitably and regress to our old state of life.


I am looking for about 10 people to go with me step by step through this pilot program. In the process, we will discuss all the topics I mentioned, freely. There will be no pressure, nor blame. We will respect and appreciate you just the way you are.


If you are interested to participate in this project, just drop me a line at


or send an email to support@chavavo.com

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