Rebuilding your mindset is possible. If you want to strengthen your mindset, watch the presentation taken from The Mindset Webinar. I share in the presentation my story how I rebuilt my mindset from scratch.

Watch the video below. It contains the presentation taken from The Mindset Webinar by Chavavo Publishing. You learn in the webinar how…

  • you have built your habits and beliefs during your childhood
  • powerful institutions try to manage your mind up to today according to their own interests
  • two simple steps to start regaining control of your own thinking and behavior.

If you are determined to take ownership and responsibility for your activities and success, rebuilding and owning your mindset is a must. Otherwise your childhood experiences plus indoctrination in schools, through peer pressure, and mass media will rule you forever.

If you wish to share your own story or ask questions about the nurturing your mindset, you are welcome at our monthly office hours. Get your invitation here

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