If your Plan does not work, change the plan, not the goal

Do you have a plan for your daily activities? I don’t know, if you have one. But you need for sure plans and goals. While a goal provides direction and orientation, you can use the plan to measure, if you move into the direction of your goals.

Without a roadmap you are not aware of your activities. But without awareness of your activities, there is of course no way to know, what brings you closer to your goal. And equally important: Without planning your activities and measuring results, you will never find out what is preventing you from reaching your goal.

But aware ness is not enough. You need a framework to understand classify your activities. Only then you have a chance to balance your activities and include everything you need to reach your goals.

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Plan your actions to change your identity

Yes, your activities define who you are. Therefore, the best way for personal growth involves gaining control of your daily activities. Maybe this sounds difficult, but with a daily planning routine it is clearly possible.

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