The ability to turn fear into courage is one of them main features of people enjoying success and abundance. Therefore, I offer you the audio version of the chapter Fear of my book Grow! Each and Every Day as my complementary gift.

How to turn Fear back into Courage

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There are three steps allowing you to turn fear into courage. You must understand how…

  • fear changes your mind
  • to differentiate real danger from artificially induced fear
  • to reopen your mind, after the imminent danger is over

In one word, handle fear consciously. See the danger coming, and whenever it becomes an imminent treat, protect yourself. If you have seen the danger coming, you can of course realize also, when it passed by and is no longer threatening your existence. Your open mind will help you to see the fear coming up and passing by. In case you lost your courage to fear, this is now the time to torn it back on.

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