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You have just decided to build a business. Congratulations! This opens for you many doors. But now is no time to party.  Make a plan, instead!

Create a roadmap to success with your digital business

You need create a roadmap which points out your way from here and now to the point where you actually get enough revenue from your business to sustain it and make a living from it. But more importantly, you need to take stock of your current behaviours and mindset. Are you able to manage yourself? Will you get up and carry on, when everything seems to go into the wrong direction? Can you build strong relationships with the essential customers and suppliers of your business. Do you have the energy  and skills to foster and maintain the social ecosystem your business needs to thrive? Make also a plan how to strengthen your social skills and mental strength to support your business plan.

You find below two columns, which can help you to build a strong foundation for your business. 

Your mindset and behaviour

If you want to be successful in life - and in business, you need to manage your mind actively.

This is the only way to develop the clarity and focus you need to run a business. If you do not take great care of your mindset, you will fly like an autumn leaf through the world. You will hop from one idea to the next, do nothing to the end and squander all your energy for nothing.

What is worse, you will disconnect yourself from your soul, your personal source of unlimited energy

To succeed in your digital marketing business, you need to be able to say with confidence:

I know and follow the purpose of my personal life
I know the sources of my energy and care for the them
I make sure that I understand what I am doing
I know my limitations and push them further out
I respect myself
I connect to the right people
I respect the people connected to me
I respect the value of my time and I use it wisely

This might sound profane and easy, but it can be difficult. I myself have rebuilt my mind from scratch. It took me almost 30 years to reach a point, where I myself control my mind.

To take control of my mind, I had to resist a lot of pressure, and I had to overcome old habits of thinking and behaviour, coming from events in my childhood and youth.

But I can assure you, it is possible to resist the mind control programs hammering on you from all sides and then to take charge of your own destiny.

You can find more abouth those concepts in my podcasts Success and Inner Growth

 The nuts and bolts of a digital marketing

This side is about the how. If you want to do any business, you have to learn your trade. This applies of course to a digital business,too

Here is a short list of the steps a beginner needs to take, and the skills he has to develop.

Decide with market you want to join.
Budget the time you can spend
Budget the money you can spend
Get noticed
Build credibility
Find the right tools
Improve your productivity
Define and implement the right processes
Make the right offer
Build a strong sales funnel.
Promote your offer.

Learning the ins and outs of digital marketing is entirely doable. There are many people who sell their stuff successfully, using online tools. You can learning from some of them by watching how they are working.

And there is no shortage of people, who are willing to teach others what they are doing and how they do it.

The challenge is staying focused on the path to success, avoiding all the distractions trying to lure you into another direction.

We are going to introduce you to some of the tools, techniques and processes we use. You will get them, if you sign up to our mailing lists, and you will find them over time also on the Chavavo Publishing blog

Johannes Stockburger, Founder of Chavavo Publishing

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The bottom line: To find success in your digital marketing business, you need to take action on both sides. You need to master the tools and techniques, and you need to have control over your own mind and behaviours. We at Chavavo Publishing are willing to help you finding your own way.

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