What is authenticity?

Authenticity means in essence, that we live our own life according to the needs of our soul. Living our own life brings our strengths to the open, but it exposes also our weaknesses. If we disregard the needs of our soul, we will lose our energy and become a mere shadow of the person we are meant to be. You find a deeper discussion of the role of our soul in life in Episode 2 of the podcast Success and Inner Growth.

Why implies authenticity vulnerability?

There are always people who want to hurt others, especially if they stand out of the crowd. Therefore we have to chose the people around us very carefully, and we better limit our visibility to the general public.


If we want to life our own life, we must be transparent first and foremost to ourselves. We need to understand the needs and wants of our soul, our challenges and our strengths. There is no way for us to live our authentic life, as long as we lye to ourselves about the inner needs driving us.

But we should also be transparent to the trusted people we have invited into our life. If they know, what we are doing and why, they can better understand us better. And they can warn us early on, if something goes wrong with us.

A certain degree of transparency to the world beyond our inner circle is also helpful and necessary. If we hide completely who we are, likeminded people will not find us. It will be impossible to connect to the right people, if we do not allow a certain degree of transparency beyond our inner circle.

But we should limit our transparency for the outer world. The picture visible for the general public should be a bit blurred. This will help us avoiding outside interference and attacks on our way of life.

Integrity and Authenticity

It is thinkable that the essence of somebody’s life is to cheat and mislead other people. For such people, authenticity does not need integrity. Otherwise, we need to protect our integrity to be able living our own life and staying true to ourselves. This is not always easily done. But we must take care to keep our promises and commitments.

If we consistently overpromise and underdeliver, and commit to things we cannot deliver, people around us and society as a whole will be able to force us into a life which is far away from the needs of our soul.

Therefore, you should think twice before making big commitments. It is easier to retain control over your life if you promise less and overdeliver. On the other hand, if you promise the blue from the sky and fall short, people and society will find a way to rule your life without regard of the needs of your soul.

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