I used recently memes overwhelming results in a test campaign with Facebook with overwhelming result, and I offered you four of them in a free download to try it out by yourself. If you did not do so by now, you can still get them here.

Use Memes to Bond with Your Audience

Meme Example

A test with this image in a Facebook ad resulted in 167 Facebook page likes within 3 days.

So, memes can provide extraordinary results, if you employ them the right way. I used one meme worked for just three days as a Facebook ad, and it gave me 167 page likes. The price for that campaign was less than 4 US-Dollars. I just took care that the text size was in line with Facebook’s ad rules, but I did not adapt the image further to fit into all the different ad placements Facebook offers.

This is an overwhelming result, although I ran the ad to a relatively warm audience, closely related to the people who had already liked our Facebook Page.

Excellent results with memes for engaging with your audience

Now, such a Meme needs to resonate with the idendity of your business, and with your audience. So not everybody can use every picture. For this reason we created Chavavo Publishing’s Meme Templates Library. It holds 95 meme templates with a wide variety of different topics and images. On top of that you get a resource list with valuable tools for creating your own memes from scratch.

Excellent Results: Memes Generate Social Proof

These memes will not only provide excellent results if you want to engage with your existing audience. Even if you are new in business, or you enter a new market, memes can help you. They are an easy way to communicate your values. You can use them to draw the right people to your social media properties. And you can use the page likes and comments they generate as social proof. And this social proof is very, very valuable, because it makes it so much easier for new prospects ta have at least a look at your offer and to consider buying from you.

PS: I just decided to add a huge package with high quality stockphotos to the library.

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